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lør. 11. jun.




Finally we will return to T.A.N.Z. Braunschweig - the place where the first rehearsals for this piece was held. We will pay our gratitude by visiting T.A.N.Z. as the last performance of the Land To See-tour.

Man kan ikke længere tilmelde sig
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Tid og sted

11. jun. 2022, 17.00

Braunschweig, Hamburger Str. 273 B, 38114 Braunschweig, Tyskland

Om eventet

Cello, flute and dance in plastic experiments.

A fragmented reflection on security, chaos and stagnation. The ensemble interprets existential basic emotions in an intimate work, created around improvisation and shaped by a pandemic.

On stage are 4 black boxes and an old cassette player. During the show's 40 min. the audience is invited into four different basic moods initiated by a speak from the cassette player:

Stop! // Distance. // Way too close Where should i go // I can not just sit still ... or can I Where am I // At least i'm going somewhere

Please contact T.A.N.Z. Braunschweig for enrollment. Website.

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